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Send Flowers to Samara. Flower and gift delivery.

If you would like to send your lady flowers, candy, perfume, fruits or gifts we can do this for you.
Just select the needed items in the table below and click the "checkout" button. Other way: calculate the total price of your order and send the money with the whole info to us. Delivery flowers to Togliatti (Tolyatti) available only for order more then 25 USD.
Roses delivery 1 rose (any color) $10 Add to cart
3 roses


Add to cart
5 roses


Add to cart
Special offer: 11 roses and greeting card. Plus free photo (in Samara only). $59 Add to cart

Fast delivery surcharge ($12).
Use this options, if you want your flowers/gifts to be delivered within 3 - 24 hours. Available in Samara only!

$ Add to cart
Little teddy bear (15-20 cm)
Medium sized teddy bear
(30 cm)
A Large teddy bear
(50 cm and more)
Add to cart
Add to cart
Add to cart
send fruit Fruit basket: pineapple, apples, grapes, banana, kiwi, lemons, and mango.Plus free photo (in Samara only). $74 Add to cart
send fruit Small cake (0.5 Kg, Round Serving 5-6 People)
Medium cake
(1 Kg, Round Serving 10 People)
Big cake
(2 Kg, Round Serving 20 People)
Add to cart
Add to cart
Add to cart
flowers Small Box of Chocolate Candy $7 Add to cart
Middle Box of Chocolate Candy $10 Add to cart
Big Box of Chocolate Candy (on the pict.) $15 Add to cart
Bottle of champagne or wine $8 Add to cart
Photo (in Samara only) $4 Add to cart
Greeting card.
We can buy the card or print your own one. Please look at a good collection: http://www.yahoo.americangreetings.com/
$2 Add to cart
Include your photo with greetings $2 Add to cart
Address verification. Use this options to check the address and avoid expenses. $10 Add to cart
Delivery charge
Please select the city
Tolyatti (Togliatti)

Total, including delivery charge: $
The person' s name, address (phone number) and other info:
Please send extra info or photos at: service[at]stayinsamara.com

If you want to send other kind of flowers or have a special request please send us your wish and we will email you back a price quote for whatever it is that you may like to send. Delivery is usually available within 48 hours in Samara and 72 hours in Togliatti.

We can take a photo of your happy woman with the flowers or gifts. The service available in Samara only at the moment.




Do you have someone in Samara you'd like to talk to, but that person doesn't not have a telephone at home? We can deliver a connected mobile phone for $69.00 including pre-paid SIM card with assigned telephone number. Modern GSM phone let your friend not only talk, but also exchange short email messages with your friend at a very low rates. more info

We reserve the right not to issue any refund if your order could not be fulfilled due to a fake address. If you have some doubts about your lady, you can place your order with us, it's a good way to find if this person is real. But keeping in mind our non-refund policy you may wish to send some inexpensive bouquet with your first order. You are also welcome to use our antiscam service.


You can pay with MoneyGram, Western Union Systems, credit card or send PAYPAL payment. All Payments are Processed through our Secure PayPal Gateway (no paypal membership required). If you pay by credit card, an additional transaction surcharge (5%) will be applied.

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