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Samara Apartments. Long-term rental.

There's a range of types of apartments in Samara available for your accommodation. You can choose from a budget flat to a luxery apartment. See the comparison table and choose the type of apartment you require.

Monthly rent price in US dollars
Apartment t size in sq.m.
Gas or electric oven
Vacuum cleaner
Music center
Washing machine
Cleaning lady
Air conditioner
Satellite TV
New furniture

For the first month you also pay +50% of the monthly rental price as a real estate agency's fee for finding an apartment for you.

All the prices on the table are the current market prices for accommodation in Samara. We don't charge any extra fees. As you can see the prices are comparatively high in Samara. Actually Samara holds the "third place" in the real estate "competition" in Russia right after Moscow and St.Petersburg.

If you are looking for standard or luxery accommodation please read the information below: the real estate market in Samara is pretty raw and there are no standards yet; that means that exact prices cannot be provided. For example if you are looking for an apartment with an air conditioner, brand new furniture and a satellite TV the market can offer one day a one-room nice flat for $500 and on another day a big 4-5 room flat for $1200 can only meet the requirements. Please mention what facilities are obligatory and what are optional and we will provide you with current offers.

In case of a standard or business apartment we will be able to provide you the description and its photos before you make your final decision.

It is possible to book almost any apartment beforehand and secure the reservation with a deposit. Please email your requiest.