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Samara Ladies

Consulting and Assistance

Many of our guests come to Samara to meet their e-mail brides. I think that the most beautiful Russian ladies lives in Samara . They are generally well educated, intelligent and can be excellent wives. There are many dating agencies that offer catalogues of pretty faces. We'd recommend you not to invite e-mail brides to your country, but come to Samara and meet them and their families here.

Marriage-minded Samara women from among our acquaintances
Upon hearing that we are often in correspondence with men who look for mates in Russia our friends and colleagues started asking us if we can marry them off. Contact me for more info. Please note that we are not a dating agency and that this page was established from our natural impulse to respond any reasonable request with a positive action.

Interviewing and filming your e-mail friends
Do you want a series of photographs of the person you are interested in, a record of the interview with your questions built in, plus a short video? We invite you to discuss your plans and needs. The aim of many dating agencies is to "sell". Our objective is to collect and communicate to you the true and relevant information. This is what, I believe, makes the service we propose unique and essential.

All-around problem control and troubleshooting
Protect yourself against outright scam: get us to check the reality and address of the person you are about to visit. Protect yourself against disappointment: order an in-depth interview and a video film of the person you want to meet on invite over to your country.

Technical assistance and travelers support
We can act as guides and interpreters. We can translate documents. Among our technical services we offer instant mail forwarding (e.g. e-mailing locally or reading over the phone your e-mails)... Or we can even teach your friend how to use e-mail. We can provide secretarial services.