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Samara Antiscam - dating scam investigation

Investigating whether your lady exists in Samara or Samara region: Togliatti (Tolyatti), Zhigulevsk, Kinel, Syzran, Novokuibyshevsk, Chapaevsk, Oktyabrsk . In most cases we can provide such a service in Kazan, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Volgograd, Ufa, Penza and Oregburg.
Although most Russian women seeking overseas grooms are sincere, there are, unfortunately, a few scammers. You can read some useful stories about "Samara" scammers here. My investigations proved that most of them don't live in Samara region. You are not sure whether your lady is who she claims to be? If you have never met your lady personally and if the lady asks for some money for visa, for a flight, for medical operation of her relative etc., you should check it, she can be a scammer.

We can investigate everything and protect you against scam. We'll need as many details about your woman as possible: name, date of birth, address, telephone number, etc. A photo is also helpful. But just an address by itself can be useful - especially if it proves to be a vacant lot!

Basic background check in Samara and the Volga region
The Basic Report will include, when available, current address information, date of birth, children, information related to person, phone numbers.We are not going to inform your lady about the process or meet her in person. So she will not be offended, if she is for real. More..

Advanced background check in Samara
Our courier will personally visit the address, and report back with his findings. More..

Read this Artical about our antyscam investigations by Sabra Ayres from COX NEWS SERVICE.

Please don't ask your ladies to visit my place or contact me other ways. I don't want to fight with "dating mafia" and risk my family, if it turns out that you are facing scam. I can recommend you Gift and flower delivery with a twist instead. We can use flower or gift delivery as a method to establish contact with your e-mail girlfriend and conduct an interview that may give a glimpse into her motivation. You can also check if she really lives at the address she gave you.

You can pay with MoneyGram, Western Union Systems, credit card.