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Advanced background check

We provide a BACKGROUND CHECK on your Internet friend, Date, Potential Mate or RUSSIAN partner in Samara and Togliatti (Tolyatti).

The advanced Report will include, when available, current address information, date of birth, children, information related to person, phone numbers. We will deliver one red rose to the address you provide us with. Our courier will personally visit the address, and report back with his findings. This includes a description of whether the address or the recipient was found, a photograph of the delivery, and passport verification. The recipient will need to show their passport or some form of ID in order to receive the gift. This option includes a check-up in local telephone directories, in the event that we are unable to find the recipient. If the photograph isn't taken, but the order is delivered, our courier will describe the recipient's major physical characteristics.

The service may take take about 2 to 4 days and will cost you 49.99 USD.

We'll need as many details about the person as possible: name, date of birth, address, telephone number, etc. A photo is also helpful.

Advanced background check online request form
Person's full name:
Information that you already have :
birth day:   (dd/mm/yy)
full address:
Zip/Postal Code:
phone number:
Your E-mail address and comments ( 20 words max) :

Pleasesend extra info and photos at: Samara

I can also recommend you Gift and flower delivery with a twist. We can use flower or gift delivery as a method to establish contact with your e-mail girlfriend and conduct an interview that may give a glimpse into her motivation.

You can also pay with MoneyGram or Western Union Systems. Ask me for more details.