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Adoption in Samara Russia

Russia adoption for Americans:
The Russia adoption program has remained relatively stable, and is one of the top countries from which Americans choose to adopt. In 2003, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 5,209 children from Russia. Children available for adoption include boys and girls, ages 10 months and older, healthy and special needs. These children reside in orphanages, and represent a variety of ethnicities such as Asian, Gypsy, Mediterranean, and Caucasian. When a referral is made, a videotape of the child usually accompanies other documents.

Adoption in Samara:
There are two orphanages in town, Samara #1, which is also referred to as Solnyshko (little sun) and #2.

#1 Solnyshko

samara adoption 

Orphanage #1, Solnyshko

Frank Foundation serves the two orphanages within the city of Samara. Natalya (Natasha or Natash) Golubsova is the coordinator for all Frank Foundation affiliated agencies (Kids First, Frank Adoption Center, DATZ, World Child, et.al.). She speaks very good English, is very business like, burns the midnight oil every night, and has been working in Samara since 1991.

adoption Samara Adoption Center

Adoption in Samara Region:
Amrex agency is a facilitator just like Frank, only they work with different US adoption agencies and in different orphanages in the Samara Region outside the city of Samara but which are served by the Samara courts. Natasha Boutossova is the Amrex facilitator for the Toliatti and Syrzan orphanage's which are located in the region of Samara. Toliatti and Syzran are also the name's of the city as well as the orphanage name. Court is held in the City of Samara (same as all the Frank people).

Donations and Gifts:
There is a difference between "donations" and "gifts." Donations are for the children at the orphanage. Clothing, socks and shoes are always good. They must be new items, not used. I left the tags on everything that we took. Toys, especially developmental toys, are good. So are over the counter medications, but not very many. Toothbrushes, toothpaste are also good donations. Gifts are for the adults who help with your adoption - facilitators , drivers, orphanage director , orphanage doctor and your child's caregivers.

Lucy H. came back to Samara with her dauther Angelina, who she had adopted in 1993 (Orphanage #1). Now Angelina is 16.

Our services for adoptive parents in Samara:
Accommodation in apartments with crib and children's utensils. Transportation including other cities to visit orphanages to adopt children (Toliatti, Syzran), interpreting and other personal services. Contact us for details.
For independant adoption we can recommend a lawyer, who will help you to prepare all the documents needed.

More information about adoption in Samara region: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SamaraKids/ , http://www.ehlers-family.com/ , http://www.angelcovers.org/samara.html

Official adoption procedures and documents: http://www.adopt-in-russia.ru/